White Washed Tomb

White Washed Tomb

I know all of the polished procedures you go through
You have a reputation of being alive
I’ve seen your deeds of love and your faithful service
When did you begin to frequent compromise

Everyone around you deceived by the beauty
If they dug a little deeper they’d see a heart of stone
Choices made in secret are coming to the surface
When did you forget you really aren’t alone

I’m like a white washed tomb
Full of anything but life
Like a white washed tomb
Still looking pretty on the outside

You think that you are wealthy
Having everything you’ve wanted
have you failed to notice
You’re living poverty
I wish you would decide now one way or the other
Instead of dwelling in this lukewarm tragedy

Everyone with ears must listen to the Spirit
Understand what He is saying to His bride
Everyone victorious will receive the promise:
Eternal fruit in heaven from the tree of life