Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace

From Denmark to Oslo you left in hurry,
trying to flee from James who knew how
to woo you with songs that would catch your fancy,
only to find that time had proved it all wrong!

Unlike Hero and Leander
an ocean in the middle kept you apart.
All romance cheapened, all love degraded,
when you began your dance and flirt with salons.

No swimming in the sea this evening,
nor making love ’til dawn.
Better occupy your hands with sewing
for lace’ll be your legacy
when all memory of you is gone.

You wish that you would have boarded the Mayflower,
leaving a castle for a Puritan way,
but you’ve been bound by a treaty
and so in due regard you must, and you will, carry on.

No swimming in the sea this evening
nor making love ’til dawn.
No serenading in the evening
nor dancing ’round the lawn.
Oh no more whispering.
No more confiding.
Where is the romancing?

So call the king’s horses!
Call the king’s men!
Call all the clergy to convene!
And yet none will have answer
so nearly as clever than:
Let love cover like the lace of Anne the Queen.