Beautiful Bride

Beautiful Bride

Beautiful bride, all dressed in white,
For someone has dared to love her.
In despair and despised, she used to live
Aimless in wander, until she became His.

Running away only to seek
A nightlife of many pleasures.
In bed like a toy, beauty all gone,
White dress no longer, she’s tattered and torn.

He waits by the door calling her name,
Patiently and over again.
Faithful in love, pursuing in grace,
Ready to rescue His treasure from her hell.

He weeps by the road, arms open wide;
Beloved has finally come home.

Now wearing the gown, she comes to the feast.
Eyes gleaming, she’s dancing and holding
Only to Him.

Now you’re the beautiful bride
And you’re all dressed in white
For someone who’s dared to love you.