With Us Everyday

I heard there was adventure here
Uncertainty and maybe fear
With you there have been so many times
You looked that danger square in the eyes
Even though it's hard to ascend
This cliff of danger again
There's comfort knowing there's a friend
Praying for you

Peace like a river runs deep
For those who seek His face day by day
Peace for those who are weak
Who need His grace to lift their faith
There is hope for healing and strength for a day
Joy in knowing He's with us all the way
He's with us everyday

I heard these days have been good for you
You've seen the Lord be faithful and true
In faith You've sought Him out like a child
And found a Father who's been with you all the while
Even when it's hard to trust
The Lord with our lives we must
No fear or worry will do
If our faith in Christ is true

Lyrics & music copyright © Dan Wilton.