Evidence Of His Love

She sees beauty on a museum wall
A story running deeper
Much deeper than the oily canvas
It's a history of love and jealous lovers
Entwined with fear and hope and war
And she wonders
Why does this beauty move her
And she wonders how can this beauty be hers

Those who see Him are those who seek Him
And all creation is evidence of His love

They moved here from New York City
They were tired of living
In the shadow of those fallen towers
Now every newscast every fire and every siren
Reminds them of that awful moment
And they wonder does beauty still exist here
And they wonder How can this beauty be theirs

With Christ the wine is sweeter
And music more than echos and reverb
But may our hearts never be stirred
To love the gift more than the Giver

Lyrics & music copyright © Katie Nelson.