Another Time

Another time my heart is torn apart
Because of my sensitive heart
I've lost another piece of my soul
Can I live in anticipation of good things
Can I rejoice 'til my heart sings again
When I have lost so much of my soul

Another night I'm wrestling in bed alone
Hoping to be consoled with a soothing lull-a-bye
But again my heart can't hear the peace
It's drowned by everything bleak
So I can't hear His lull-a-bye

Then I dared to glance Your way
Caught a glimpse of Your face
Saw You feeling my pain
Ready to sing me asleep with Your grace

Another morning I'm hearing Your lull-a-bye
It's removing sorrow bringing me home
And gathering all that was torn apart
Never again will I fear any harm
'Cause You're quieting me with Your love
And rejoicing over me with a song that sings of
Another time

Lyrics & music copyright © Katie Nelson.