Friend of Mine

Humiliated because of her impurity.
Laid bare and naked for all of the world to see.
Afraid to see what would be her price to pay.
Instead he sent this transformed woman on her way.

Jesus, what a friend to sinners.
He's so patient gracious and kind.
He's healing the blind.
Oh, Jesus, what a friend to sinners.
Full of grace and truth and love.
Oh, Jesus, He's a friend of mine.

I find that I am quick to say, "I'm not to blame."
I get all wrapped up in a fake perfection game.
I'm discovering how so filled I am with selfishness.
Frustrated with my frequent unfaithfulness.

Like the woman I'll take my eyes off me
And I'll turn my eyes upon Jesus.
Oh, I want so much more of Jesus.

Lyrics & music copyright © 2005 Katie Nelson.