O Sweet Grace

It was exactly a week ago, when Scott Troyer released his newest music video of O Sweet Grace.

8 years ago, I was there when he penned the song. He says I helped him to write it, but I remember it more like this: I would verbalize lengthy thoughts and he would fluidly regurgitate the thoughts into concise and poetic lines. I’m good at rambling and he has a gift. 😉

Since then, we’ve played the song hundreds of times. On occasion I’ve felt every word of the song with great weight. Other times I’ve wished to feel it more.

I’m fantastic at making up excuses for my shortcomings: other people, my health, my lack of education, or anything else I can come up with. When I can place blame on “other things” for my mistakes, I somehow believe that I’ll seem to others as being strong and an “overcomer” when in reality I have just refused to take responsibility for myself. No one gets grace without taking responsibility. Grace is not a controlled substance that I can hide in my pocket for just the right time. It’s more like a dunk tank.


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