6 Questions


For the poor:

When you scoff at a wealthy person’s possession ask yourself, “would I keep it if someone gave it to me as a gift? ”

I expect wealthy people to give a large percentage of their earnings to help others. Since I live in the USA, I am among the wealthiest in the world. Do I give a large percentage of my earnings to help others?

For the wealthy:

When I give money to a homeless person, am I willing to spend time talking with them or do I just throw cash at them to appease my need to be a good person?

When I hire someone to do yard work for me and I want a “good deal” do I pay cheaply or do I consider what the job is actually worth? Am I fair? Do I pay the worker what I would want to be paid?

For the Christian:
Do I truly trust that God and His love transforms lives or do I believe that my form of Christianity transforms lives?

Was I drawn to Jesus through condemnation? Why then do I believe that pointing out someone’s obvious sin will cause them to repent?

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