Friends In Unexpected Places

This week I saw the new Katy Perry movie. She seemed genuine. She has purpose. I like her creativity. I do hope I can meet her someday.

This week I’m dog sitting. On the second day of taking care of the dog, he decided to test my authority. I woke up to 2 puddles and a pile. He stole my shoe, my book cover, and began to eat a rug. Also, he’s the first dog I’ve ever been tackled by. He wrapped his front paws around my legs and held on with a wrestling hold. It took all of my strength to get him off  me. The family will be home in a few days and he’s finally calming down. We’re almost friends. Almost.

The next door neighbor is a 79-year-old man from Greece. He has a foot injury and can’t drive so I took him grocery shopping a few mornings ago. We had a grand time. We even stopped for a cup of coffee. Since that day he calls everyday to let me know when the mailman comes. “Hallo Darling. The mailman is here. Ok, hava good day. Just be careful sweet heart.”  I think tomorrow he’s treating me to lunch in appreciation for the trip to the grocery store.

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