Downstairs, Past the Food Court, To the Left

It was so surreal

I was in a hurry

Running through crowds of happy people

My train was leaving in just 8 minutes

Having downed an Argo Tea

And anticipating an hour ride

I thought I’d go real quick

I heard a woman

A cleaning woman complaining

About “young girls these days”

“Why do they have to do this?

Now I have to clean it up.”

Another woman said

“The girl gave no warning

It was a surprise

She couldn’t help herself

Or get to the toilet quick enough”

I came out of the stall

Curiosity turned my neck to peek around the corner

To see a young girl lying on the floor in a pool of vomit.

She was covered

She was lying in front of the seat

With one hand holding herself up

I started walking toward her

Calculating how I could go without

 part of my outfit

And then

I assumed that one of the voices

Was a friend of hers

Who would help her

Buy her a t-shirt

Bring her home

I thought of the train

Leaving so soon, in 4 minutes

My brother waiting for me

in Grand Central Station

And then I left

Hoping that my assumptions were true

That she would be off of the floor in no time

On her way home

But I can’t stop

Thinking of the story of the good Samaritan

And I’ve decided that I won’t assume/ won’t guess again

I’ll confirm.

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