Force Fed Communion

In 29 years of life I’ve taken communion in many churches;
I’ve eaten postage stamp wafers
and hearty homemade bread.
I’ve sipped watered down grape juice
and nasty wine.

When I was 8, I sat in the church balcony with my best friend and we toasted our mini communion cups saying, “Cheers.” I’m not sure how but my mother saw us and I later got a talking to.

In my early 20’s I was in a liturgical church where the clergy administered communion at the front to the sanctuary. I was one of the first to take communion and it never dawned on me to dip the bread in the chalice.
And so of course, I took a sip.
When I looked up into the pastor’s face, it was clear to me that I’d missed something very important.

Last night I was playing some music at a church service. After the congregation had received communion, one of the church elders came up to me and asked if I wanted to receive communion. I said, “Yes, I need gluten-free bread.” Before I could stop strumming the guitar to dip a piece in the chalice, he shoved some regular bread in my mouth. Yeah… he must not have heard the gluten-free part. It was a moment of hilarity and panic. As discreetly as possibly I spit out the bread and put it on the music stand. I definitely lost my place in the song and was holding back a giggle.

There are all sorts of lessons that I could pull from this. Rather than force feeding you one, I’ll let you figure out your own. 😉