Thoughts As I Watched ‘The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe’.

Winter is almost over
Summer almost here
A time when the river will flow again
And all stone will turn to flesh

I feel the warmth
I see blossoms
I can hardly wait ’til the ice has melted

Now All gather
Clothe yourselves with
What He gives you
Bow humbly in gratitude

Your voice is kind
You speak peace over conflict
You lay our path before us
And give the courage
To move on

We are yours

Betrayed You
And now tormented in darkness
Bound by the enemy
You sought me out and brought me back
Accused and proven guilty
You’ve taken my place
Spilled Your blood
Oh what sorrow where you lay

You went to the depths
Very Hell for me
They ridiculed you
My Savior
My friend
They bruised your body
Evil had it’s way with you
They humiliated you
And bound your hands
Your feet
They meant it for evil
Thought they won
All hope seemed lost

But they didn’t know your ways
Your humble service love
You giving all
That we may live
And coming back to prove your power
Your victory
Your life

All of creation
Arises at your call
Awakens to your sacrifice

Have we become mere statues
Frozen in a gallery
Breathe on us
That we may come alive again
Your children
Beyond nice
Ruling with you
Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven

July 31, 2011

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