baby blue bugs


There are 2 baby blue Bugs that I will never forget:

1. When our family lived in Tennessee, my dad took me fly fishing on the Hiwassee River. He would tie his green Old Town canoe on top of the car and put our fly rods in the back. We’d stop at the gas station for a Clearly Canadian drink before driving 45 minutes on winding roads with the noisy muffler overpowering any potential conversation. I remember my feet being warmed by part of the engine that was close to the floor board. I remember thinking how much I liked being with my dad and how cool we must look driving with a canoe on top of a baby blue VW Bug.

2. I remember reading a book about Brother Andrew. Something at the beginning of his book astonished me. He could fit all of his possessions in a baby blue bug; everything he owned in a tiny car! Dad and I could hardly fit our snacks and fishing poles in the car, let alone all of our possessions. So began my fascination with backpacking gear. 😉 Partially due to brother Andrew’s influence I now periodically ask myself these questions:

Could I fit all of my possessions into a VW bug?

Do I have so much stuff that it has become a burden?

When I have money, do I buy stuff just because I can?

Do I buy stuff when I can’t afford it, because I feel like I need it?

Do I live with others in mind?

Am I willing to share with others in need, even if it means my discomfort?

Am I willing to go without, for the sake of someone else’s comfort?

I have a feeling that if any of us were physically standing in Japan, Haiti, Africa, or Liberia, we would want to give everything we had to help ease their burden any way possible. Too often I live with an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. I don’t want to ignore the need of others around me. If you’re looking for an immediate way to bear someone else’s burden, my friend Scott has just posted a way to donate to the victims in Japan. You’ll also get a free download of one of his songs.

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  1. Nice website, Katie…very nice!!! Dan & I had dinner with two members of a band last Tuesday, who are looking for a lead female vocalist. They do concerts mainly for colleges, prisons, and military groups. Are you or anyone you know interested? The group is with Campus Crusade for Christ, based out of Indiana, through Keynote. This specific group is BlueSkyNine.

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