He Knew I’d Be A Girl

Last week I attended a Beth Moore Bible study on the book of Esther.

At one point during the study, Beth said, “He knew I’d be a girl.”

For some reason, hearing that brought tears to my eyes. I thought about my most recent trip to Las Vegas with my Mom and sisters and how God took care of me even as I was traveling alone.

I decided the last minute to meet them in Vegas for their business’s yearly, international meeting. I drove 2 hours to get to nearest large airport and arrived 1 hour and 15 minutes before the plane’s departure. I parked in an open spot and hopped on the shuttle bus, making in it perfect time to the airport and my gate.

I had a great time seeing both of my sisters, my mom, my brother-in-law, my niece and nephew, one of my best friends and so many other friends at Arbonne’s GTC. πŸ™‚

Side note: I love all the new nutritional products from Arbonne.

After the conference was over, I got an earlier ticket, flying standby to make it to Indiana in time for a concert.

On the flight from Philly to Indianapolis I started formulating a plan that would get me to Fort Wayne as quickly as possible. I would be landing at 11pm and probably crawl into bed after 1am. And really didn’t want to be exhausted for the concert the next day.

I don’t prefer traveling alone. Especially late at night in wintry weather.

I asked a man on the flight about the shuttle bus schedule. He recommended I take the walkway from the parking garage to the long-term parking lot; where my car was parked.He actually showed me the direction to go. I began thinking about paying for parking and how much cash I needed.

I was $10 short but figured that I could probably pay with a card. I walked down a flight of stairs and saw some money on the ground. I did a little happy dance inside when I realized no one was around and that the amount was $11.

The temperature was -4 degrees F and since I packed light for my trip to Vegas I was only wearing my light weight coat. I began to hope that I’d find my car quickly.

I reached the end of the walkway and at the end was my car; the car closest to the walkway.

I know these things may sound trivial but as I sat in the Beth Moore bible study I was reminded of these small things and the significance of God knowing I’d be a girl. It means so much when He shows His care and protection for me when I’m all alone.

5 Replies to “He Knew I’d Be A Girl”

  1. katie,
    Knowing that God “knew you would be a girl” and that He has all in His hands is the only way I have peace knowing one of “my” kids is out there alone.
    Love you….

  2. God does look out for us..male or female.. but that is such an encouragement. I like that.. he knew I would be a girl … I do enjoy Beth Moore and what her ministry has to offer. Take care Katie and I hope you had a blast in Vegas.

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