A moment on the lips…

It was the Summer of 1994 that I almost closed a crisis pregnancy center down.

The front porch was groaning as my friend and I swung like we were at the playground. We talked about Anne of Green Gables and speculated who the Anne Shirley in our friendship was and who the Dianna Berry was. We moved on to other things that seemed to flow right along with the topic at hand; reading,new glasses, and the worrisome news of how my friend’s mom saw one of our home schooled friends at the crisis pregnancy center.

(It quickly became a dangerous “telephone game” when I passed the information along to another friend.)

A few days later I walked into the kitchen where my mom was on the phone. In a serious tone I heard her say, “I see.”  All the while she was looking at my face.

My mom occasionally volunteered for the center so I knew all about their confidentiality policy. I knew better.

The lady on the other line happened to be the mother of the girl who was seen at the center. She was very upset that I was spreading horrible rumors around about her daughter. If I remember correctly, she even said she was going to sue us.

Apologies and tears and restoration are a bit blurry to me now but I can still remember the overwhelming sense of dread and the realization that I didn’t want to make this a common occurrence.

Winter 2011

Since going through the heavy metals detox, I feel like part of my brain is back. It feels alive again. Once again I’m getting through more than the first chapter of a book. I am staying focused long enough to hear the entire story. And even though I may not completely  understand  formulas and methods,  I’ve had fun listening to and discussing scientific theories.

But with all of this excitement, I’ve run into the same problem I met on that porch swing; I’m talking too much.

Don’t take me wrong, I’m incredibly thankful for the way my health is being restored. But it seems like I need to put a leash on my lips so my words don’t run all over the place, making a mess of things. I don’t want a leash of fear and  but a leash of wisdom and love.

Take this mouth, so quick to criticize. Take this mouth, give it a kiss. —Yahweh, U2

One Response to “A moment on the lips…”

  1. Timi Wojcik says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I can definitely relate. I’m reading ‘The Power of a Woman’s Words” now by Sharon Jaynes.
    So good!