Places Called Home

Pull into the driveway.
Wonder whose car is here.
Knock on the door.
Greeted by the 2 dogs.
John says hello, puts down his paper to give out hugs.
Notice a frail lady on the couch.
I take one of the upstairs rooms;
Scott is given one in the basement.
Put some cheese and chocolate in the kitchen.
Sit down for some tea.
Talk to the frail lady on the couch and find out she is brave.
Brave for leaving a lifestyle that was making her frail.
She leaves for a smoke.
Catch up with John.
Go to bed
Wake up.
Say hello to the lady on the couch.
Drive to coffee shop.
Drink coffee.
Look on Facebook and write emails.
Drive back to house.
Talk about food and health with lady on the couch.
Meet the other guy staying in the basement.
Make soup.
Talk with John’s wife.
Laugh with her.
Watch tears come to her eyes.
She irons a shirt for the lady on the couch.
Hear amazing news.
News that makes angels in Heaven rejoice.
Scott and I play some songs.
We play more songs.
John says thank you.
We all go to sleep because it’s 1 in the morning.
A week goes by.
I get some teeth pulled.
The lady on the couch asks about my pain.
We pack to leave.
John’s wife says come back anytime.
We make plans with the other guy staying in the basement.
We hug the lady on the couch.