Just Words?

When I was 12 I had a crush on a boy. He told me that he woke up every morning at 5am to work out and read the bible with his dad. Naturally, I began waking up at 5am to read my bible. I filled a rubbermaid tub with bible study books, a few different bibles, notebooks and pens. At 5am I would take the tub to our big cushy couch and sit and talk to God and try to listen to what He was saying to me. I would sit there until 7 am when my dad came downstairs to eat breakfast. Sometimes I fell asleep, sometimes the time passed by so quickly that it felt like only 15 minutes went by.

From the ages of 14 to  21 I spent every summer working at youth camps. Every week there was a different guest speaker who would speak to all of the campers for chapel time. Some days I was so tired from counseling little kids that I spent most of my brain power just trying to keep my eyes open. I figured it wouldn’t be good for the campers to see their leader falling asleep in the chapel service;)

Even though many of those chapel services are now a blur i can vividly remember 3 of the speakers.

Dave Abatacola

Gary Dunseath

Norm Hubbard

A few things these men had in common…

1.Everyone wanted to hang out with them.

2.After spending time with them everyone wanted to read their bibles more.

3.I still remember specific things that each of them said.

4.Everything they said was with lots of love and life.

This week I”ve been thinking about something that Dave said.

He said, “even if you have a perfect day, no mistakes, everything goes well, we still need to be washed by God’s words.”

There’s something about God’s word, something livening  about it.

As cheesy as this may sound I think that reading the bible, or thinking about what it says is like a loofa for us. (who doesn’t need to sluff off some dry skin;)  Or maybe like drinking water. ( even if I stay hydrated today that doesn’t mean I’ll stay that way for the rest of the week.)

I’m not in anyway encouraging a regimented and stiff schedule of 5 hours of bible reading each day. ( Some of us have memorized the bible and been to enough bible studies that we’d never need to open the bible again. We need to start letting God use His words to change our lives.)

I am encouraging you to listen to what God is saying to you and notice the ways that the words in the bible change your perspective.

I’m trying to pay more attention to Him.