Vegas Greyhound Bus Stop

On Thursday March 25th, I was waiting for my friends to pick me up at the Greyhound bus station  down town Las Vegas. ( How I ended up there is another story; for another time 🙂 I was standing outside of the station when as short ,old man approached me. He wanted to know if I needed a taxi. He also asked every other woman who was at the bus station the same thing. He tried to find out where I was going and where I came from. He tried to be my “friend”. Let me just say, he didn’t get in a very deep conversation with me. He moved along and started talking  with a  girl who looked as though she was either on drugs or had some type of mental disorder and I felt my protective instincts kick in. As I was deciding what to do a hispanic taxi driver came near me and whispered so no one else could hear,

” Don’t let that girl go anywhere with that man. He is a known pimp and he takes girls from here all the time.”

Note: Since last summer,when I became aware of the devastation of child prostitution and human trafficking , I have educated myself on statistics and stories and become more aware of people around me in hopes that I can somehow help rescue someone who is in slavery.

And so I walked up the old man and girl and the conversation went something like this.

Excuse me sir, are you a taxi driver?


Do you know this girl?


Ma’am to you know him?


Well then why are you talking to her?

This is a free country, I can talk to whoever I d#% want to.

Well sir, I don’t know what your intentions are but if they aren’t good, you better leave right now.

Who do you f#!* think you mother f*%$&^ are? I can talk to F*&&%*& whoever I F*&^$$ want to . Mother F&$^#%&@  lady telling me what to F$&#%# do.

( He was pacing as he said this. Not sure if he was talking to the air or to me or what but it kind of freaked me out.)

Sir, i don’t know what your intentions are. If they are pure and good, than you have nothing to worry about.

( I turned to the girl and said, ) Ma’am, whatever you do, do not go anywhere with this man. If you need a ride, my friends and I will find one for you.”

The F bombs continued to fly and it drew the attention of the other pimp who was a  6 ft. 8 in.  Mr. T. He started walking towards us so I grabbed my suitcase, ran inside and texted my friends to see how close they were.

Once I was inside the hispanic taxi driver peeked his head in the door and asked me if I was ok and told me not to go outside again.

Within a few minutes my friends picked me up. The girl made her decision to stay and I have no idea if she went with the man or not.

I’ve thought a lot about that day. Was it stupid for me to speak up? Or actually could I have done more? If christians are always trying to play it safe, who is going to protect and stand up for the innocent? Maybe the girl listened and didn’t get in the car with the pimp. I don’t know.

I’m not sure what scenarios you or I will run into in the next few months but I’m hoping that we have the courage to put others before ourselves; Like Hugo .

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2 Responses to “Vegas Greyhound Bus Stop”

  1. Doc Ryd says:

    Hi Katie, You go girl. You did the right thing. I’m glad God kept you safe. You may have saved that girl’s life.
    See you at camp sometime? You are welcome at Buckboard Breakfast anytime. Doc

  2. Katie says:

    Thanks you so much Doc! We should never stop looking for ways to love and care for others;) Hope to see you sometime soon:)