A Year Gone By

A year has passed since I last wrote and I have more to say than I have time for.

And so I will summarize in hopes that I don’t exclude the best or include the boring.
Gypsy Life
I am still on the road. It’s a strange place to be. People always ask me ,”Are you excited about the next event?” or ” Do you enjoy being on the road?” In response, There are some days that I am excited and some days that I’m not so excited. But I’m really here because I believe that God put me in this place for now. He gives a peace and a purpose that goes beyond enjoyment. I’ll keep going until He tells me to stop.
Some days I feel like being a homebody or I get selfish and want my own space; my own time,and then I’m reminded that the world doesn’t revolve around me and that God has promised to give me everything I need; even rest.

GF Living

In the past few years I have had some health and mental problems that I can now trace back to Gluten. Gluten intolerance is a form of malnutrition and because I wasn’t absorbing nutrients, my brain and my body were responding like I had various autoimmune disorders. I am now on a Gluten free diet. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have clarity of mind, energy, and joy 😉 I’m also having a lot of fun inventing delicious, healthy, recipes and would love to open a restaurant someday 🙂
Because of this experience I would love to help as many people as possible with the information that has helped me.


When I was in MI last fall, a lady gave me a brochure from a ministry that helps rescue and restore women and children at risk all over the world. I was so moved by what I read that I felt compelled to do something to help them. Since then I have learned so much about human trafficking, prostitution, and slavery that goes on around the world; including the US. It all breaks my heart and I want to do everything I can for these people who are treated like objects.
These 3 things I’ve mentioned to you are at the forefront of my mind daily. I wanted to fill you all in on them so you will now have a basis for so many stories that I’d like to share with you in the next few months.I’ll try to be a more faithful blogger and keep you all updated.
Until the next time…
1.Take time to listen to what God is saying to you.
2.If you’re not in sunshine everyday, take some vitamin D pills (Vitamin D deficiency can cause depression and/or a weak immune system).
3.Be aware of people around you. Be willing to stand up for the little kid in the grocery store who is being screamed at.

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One Response to “A Year Gone By”

  1. shelly says:

    Love your blog! I know it will continue to be a HUGE awareness for others and a great encouragement!