Real Life?

Wow, I was just watching a movie that made me hate life. And after shutting the movie off half way through, I started to ponder why I felt like a ton of bricks had just been placed on my shoulders and this is what I came up with.

The movie portrayed awkward and probably quite common life scenarios which,
Reminded me of all the times that I had experienced those things. Those things being…
moments where selfishness, dishonesty, or manipulation is encouraged because it’s how our society works.

An example: Your church praise team singer’s microphone is turned down week after week because no one has the guts to show her real love and be honest and tell her she can’t sing. Instead we must be diplomatic and dishonest to show her our society’s version of “love”. Note: if any one does decide to speak truth in love to her, they will most likely be dubbed, “mean”. And she will miss out on truly carrying out her life purpose.

I think what I’m trying to say is: planning, statistics, the norm, regulations,typical, the “smart thing to do”, are not necessarily bad, but when we begin to hold these things higher than following Jesus and begin to instruct others to do the same we all of a sudden begin to justify that which weighs down. The very thing that may be holding a person back from their greatest potential is often the very thing we tell them to do.

It is always good when I plan a set list of songs for my concerts, but when God seems to be directing me to change a song and I don’t because it’s inconvenient , I later on wonder who may have needed to hear the song that I didn’t sing.

Statistics say that married people are healthier than singles. Does that mean that my life can’t be as rich and as full as a married person’s? What about Jesus, Paul, Mother Teresa, and so many others?

It may be normal or natural for me to tell a friend, who has been cheated on, to hate her ex-spouse, but in the end I’m only encouraging bitterness that will weigh my friend down.

It might be typical to look out for myself and my needs and concerns and my hurt feelings or comfort or negative past experiences, but love is not proud or self-seeking or easily angered or rude. It is patient and kind and always trusts and hopes and perseveres.

It might be smart to be on a good health insurance plan, but I wonder what percentage of the world lives without one.

“Spirit now living and dwelling within me,
keep my eyes fixed upon Jesus face.
let not the things of this world ever sway me.
i’ll run til I finish the race.” ( Brooke Fraser)


2 Replies to “Real Life?”

  1. Thank you for being real and speaking truth into my life today.

    BTW, I can’t carry a tune. So if I ever get a mic skip turning it down and take it away from me!

  2. This is a good read and it’s definitely making me think 🙂 which is nifty.

    I also just realized this post must be pretty old but I don’t care, its message still holds true! 🙂

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