Your Nearness

straightening her dress
checking her lips
nodding in approval at the image before her
proper and put together
nothing could stop her determination
to seize the day
until she got a message
that forced her to pull over on the side of the road
cars rushing by the beautiful mother
suddenly left alone
to raise her sons without the father
who would be living a state away
with a younger and a more compliant

Can we really expect her to be brave
Can we really tell her to buck up and trust

hard-working and proud
life right on track with all of his father’s expectations
when the wrench that was working for him
now was thrown at him
his one love now gone,
no job coming together
now he only received looks of disapproval
frantic to stay afloat
only to find that he was drowning

Can we really tell him to work harder?
Can we really bring up a five-year plan?

There is rest given to the weary who can’t go on
And we train them to keep fighting
There is provision for the lacking
And yet we tell them to stop chasing foolish dreams with no income
Sometimes the greatest pain brings about the most beautiful things
And yet we run at the sight of anything uncomfortable

Oh Jesus Your nearness is to us our good.

One Response to “Your Nearness”

  1. Phil & Kathy says:

    Katie, you have such a tender heart. I can see/feel it in your writing, speaking, songs, etc. Lots of hugs to you. Enjoy the east coast area.