Curry, Jane, Bombs, and 75% off

My sister and I are in England on a business trip with her company and thus far, the trip has been filled with good adventure; truly more than I have time to write.
Yesterday we awoke to the sound of the most cheery,grandmotherly, English voice telling us that tea and toast were available for breakfast at any time that we would like. We are staying in the home of a lovely couple’s home and although we sleep in past the time they leave in the morning and arrive home when they are already in bed at night, we have found them to be quite hospitable. Helen, is an art teacher for some of the nearby colleges and has decorated her home with artwork which she has collected over many years during her travels abroad. I haven’t talked to John much yet. I am hoping to before we leave because he responds to ladies with ”Yes, my Darling…” and sounds like he has a lot of zest for life even though he has been retired for years.
After we had a bit of tea and toast , we rode a bus to Winchester and spent the day exploring the Winchester cathedral as well as some of the nearby shops. When we were in the cathedral we ran into a volunteer tour guide who ended up giving the 4 of us our own personal tour. I could have spent all day in the cathedral listening to this man share story after story from British history. The architecture was beautiful and we were even surprised to discover that Jane Austin was buried underneath our feet.
Before we left for our trip here we were preparing ourselves for the awful currency exchange. We had plans to not buy anything apart from the bare necessities on this 8 day trip. That was until we found tons of shops in the middle of their winter sale. My sister found 2 Jackets; 1 at £4 and the other priced at £8. I got away with a shirt for £4.50.
Amazing deals, especially considering that you couldn’t find this stuff in the states.
We were quite hungry since we had been walking all day and so we met another lady named Nel for a delicious Indian meal. When we were finished with dinner she invited us over to her quaint English cottage that sits nestled in ivy vines and next to a river. If one were to imagine what the word ”quaint” would look like tangibly, it was her home. Her house even made it on a postcard. She told us stories of finding rats as large as guinea pigs in her garden, and discovering that slugs somehow can wiggle their way through base boards. She told us that if you put beer in a metal cat food dish and wait a few days, the slugs will make their way to the bowl and drown themselves. She said that she was so disgusted by a bowl full of slugs that she threw the entire dish in the river. (Disgusting!) To say the least, Nel, was a delight of a person to be around and I’m glad I was able to meet her.
Today we drove into Bournemouth and enjoyed eating at a café and walking around town. As my sister and I were walking down the sidewalk , we heard one large boom and saw a mushroom of fire and smoke in a Garden to our left. Trees were set on fire and so I told a man to call the police. An entire street of stores lost power and closed up shop until they could find out if everything was OK. I still haven’t heard the details of this bomb, but I’m sure that no one was close enough to get injured. Whew. It was a close one.
Well, I’m actually beginning to get sleepy. We’ve been up for the past few night until 4am this time because our bodies haven’t adjusted to the time change. I’m hoping to go to sleep a little earlier tonight.

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