Crazy In Maui

Today I was walking in a tourist town in Maui, Hawaii with my family. I was really surprised how many art galleries lined the main street and I really enjoyed spending my afternoon being in sunny Hawaii weather and being surrounded by unique and some really amazing artwork. After a few hours of walking and looking and even trying some Caramelized Pear and Pecan Hagen daaz ice cream,which was quite gourmet and delicious, we came across a man was shouting something to people as they passed by. We continued looking around a bit and then I got curious, so I stood nearer only to find that this somewhat disheveled older man was waving a bible in the air and quoting bible verses to “America.” The verses he was quoting were quite encouraging to me as I stood there as God’s word can gently impact the heart even if the delivery is a bit evasive. We all started to walk away when I just couldn’t shake the thought that I needed to go tell him I would be praying for him today.  Come to find out , his name is Phillip and years ago he met a Jehovah’s witness follower and now is declaring that “there is one God alone!” to America.

For some reason this encounter got to me, and as I told him I’d be praying that he would get to know Jesus and His love more and more, I cried.
There is so much to process as we meet people each day.
I was talking with my brother the other day about how our words can impact those around us in ways we will never know; whether for the good or the bad.
Oh God, give us love and grace and patience with one another.

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One Response to “Crazy In Maui”

  1. Stevan says:

    Now that I read that you were in Hawaii when I called you this morning I REALLY feel bad about calling at 10AM Wisconsin-time!

    Looking forward to having you and Scott here with us in a few weeks!