The Greatest Sorrow

“The hardest thing to do is to stick together mates, family, marriage, business, bands.It’s like resisting gravity… it’s like King Camte sitting in his chair trying to talk back the tide… but you can, and we have, and we will, turn the waves around… the alternative is too predictable… you rid the room of argument… you empty your life of the people you need the most.” – Bono

I really like this quote. Sometimes I have false idea of what love looks like. All peaches and butterflies. But the other day I was thinking about God’s 1 picture of love and how full of pain and sorrow it was and it made me wonder if those who agonized over loving someone is nearest to the heart of God.

Just wondering.

All of this tiptoeing around is nearly driving me mad
Afraid of offending
Trying to love
But being misunderstood
Sometimes the ache is a load that I don’t have the strength to bear
This makes me long for the day
When in Him I will love and move and have my being
Along with all of those I love around me
All will be enveloped in His arms of love and grace
No need to fret or tire in explanation
Dwelling in all the knowledge of His love for us
For now it all hurts almost too much to give in and continue to love
A stone is what I would become
If it were not for my Savior
Who bore the greatest sorrow and pain
In the name of love
If love could have been proven any other way
He would have shown us.

Oh love sometimes most unbearable
And joy much of the time unattainable
Are both on the tail wind of hope
that I have peace with God
They will show up not in my strivings
But in my surrender
To the One who gives as gifts
His life,and joy and grace and love.