My Mouth

Since i have titled this blog ” My Mouth” I will make a few comments on my mouth before I begin to ramble.

1. I really like clean teeth. I often get random food particles stuck in my teeth and it drives me crazy. I have had to work at brushing my teeth for only 2 minutes because the 8 minute sessions were bringing out more werewolf than I’m comfortable with. I do have a retainer that has been in my mouth for over 10 years. Kind of strange if you ask me. it did it’s work just great until a few years ago when I bit on a skittles the wrong way and had to have a church secretary try to straighten the thing out with some pliers. She did alright but it was clear why she was a church secretary instead of a dental hygenist.

2. I really like food. I haven’t been running as much as I would like to and have slipped into a dessert frenzy lately and so with the help of my mouth I have begun to feel like a chipmunk preparing for hibernation. Do they hibernate? Anyways, tomorrow I’m going to start my day enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend and I’ve already made the decision to skip the buttery scone and instead grab a handful of almonds on the way out the door. alight I’m getting sleepy now so I’m gonna continue and finish up quite quickly.

How dangerous is my tongue. It has the capabilities of delivering words that can shed light on a sad face or it can be the cause of a friend’s discouraged expression. It can be used to flatter for my agenda or truly encourage with the truth of how God sees; It can be patient and show much love by waiting for the right timing or can be a source of great annoyance because it jumps to conclusions and wounds. it can be true and therefore quite worthless or completely true and life changing. it can be lovely or on the contrary, quite ugly. It can be prideful and build walls or gentle and welcome a stranger, It can be thankful or self-exalting, it can be full of grace or full of harsh expectation. it can be childish and narrow-minded or calm and wise. It can do so much damage especially when it’s claiming life.

I’ve heard myself say things of late that are short of beauty and grace and yet I know that from the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks, and so the real reining in will have to deal with much more than my mouth – Oh what is one to do with a selfish heart that is tired of self? the Psalmist says ” Wretched man that I am ! Who can save me from this?

And the answer is given: “Thanks be to God who will deliver, will rescue, will abundantly pardon!” Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal kill and destroy, I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

So in conclusion, keep your heart ever oozing with the grace of Jesus, sometimes choose almonds above the cranberry orange scone and brush your teeth; but not for more than 2 minutes .

Goodnight and love,


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