Spiritual Words

At some point in my growing up years, I began to believe that those who speak more spiritual words and have more awe inspiring occurances are those who walk with God the closest. And so often in my insecurities I have almost used God and His word to elevate myself. All the while God Himself says that He will humble those who exalt themselves. Over and over again I think of the poor old sinner who beat his chest crying out, God have mercy on me a sinner, and how God was pleased with this man above the spiritual individual who thanked God that he was able to avoid committing serious sin in his lifetime. I would like to say I’m the poor old man beating his chest; the one who recieves mercy. But so often self-righteousness and pride and lack of care for others invades me. I am like the spiritual, ignorant, self absorbed man.

It’s interesting that the people in the bible were normal people going about their normal lives- it wasn’t that they sought out supernatural experiences that they could boast in, but rather that God spoke and they had willing, obedient hearts. It wasn’t that they plastered “God told me to do this.” on everything. The reality is that God spoke in the midst of the mundane and these people struggled with how to respond, and yet most were willing and obedient. It’s difficult to ignore God for long.

Oh God, help me to not over spiritulize the things that you’ve already made simplistically lovely. Make my heart tender to always being willing and obedient when you call.

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