Be Clean

I’ve believed a lie that says “You’re not enough for me.”
How is it even possible that I don’t need everything around me?
I’ve believed a lie that says “You’re not listening.”
With everyone in the world to care for, You must be busy.

So now I cry because I know
That You’ve said,
“Look at my scars on my hands and my feet.
I’ve gone through great suffering.
And even now I will help you through this.
I am so patient, I know your doubt.
Come to me and I’ll shed light upon
the darkness that threatens to consume you,
the worry that begins to weigh you down;
My load is is easy and my burden light,
I carry it all for the ones who delight in me.
In your loneliness if you find
a spiraling down effect that leads you
into a hole of depression,
Just lift your eyes up to the skies
and see that I am pleading on your behalf.
I’m calling out your name to the Father,
to bring you close to His side.
This is not just an idea to appease your pain.
It’s the reality of my suffering.

If you are feeling filthy
and you can’t wash away the past guilt,
remember when I saw the leper and with pity on him I said,
‘Be clean.’
I am willing to make you clean
Stand and go out of here with no shame
For I have washed you completely in my blood,
through my suffering.
If you are waiting for a season to pass
I will more than bring you to the a shoreline for rest.
I know you’re getting tired of treading with everything you have.
Know that I am nearer than you could imagine and I will lift you up again
and give you the courage to be patient through everything;
even the things that you hate.
I will use it all for my glory and your good,
Believe that I am good.”

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