The Shadow Proves The Sun Shines

In a hotel lobby looking for a sauna and a place to rest
My card was declined and the hostess sympathized;
or was it pity, It’s hard to tell.
I walked out the door
Trying to hide my crying
Only to find that when I reached my car
My gas was on empty
With many written checks
Which won’t be helpful until tomorrow when the bank opens
And 2 physical dollars to my name
I’m finding my way back to Grandma’s house.
All alone, with little identity and no money.

I was hoping to awake with the beauty of the sun rise
Only to find that it is somewhat gloomy today
(The weather seems to echo other things)
There’s much to do, and I’ve eaten too much sugar already.
Today i’ll check my mail and stop at the bank and see some familiar faces
I’ll bring some posters to my church
Perhaps enjoy filling a friend in on my tour adventures
At some point I’ll have tea with Gram
I’ll read my bible and be reminded that I’m not alone.
That God is faithful through it all.

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