Lift Your Eyes

If I could tell you a thing or two,
I would let you know that He hears the broken,
and took notice of the leper, the woman at the well, and the blind beggar.
He shunned the religious arrogant
and had mercy on the poor old sinner
who beat his chest and pleaded for a drop of grace.
God’s perspective is turned all around
from the way we see things,
and he wants to give us a glimpse into these glorious mysteries.

So don’t be so hard on yourself.
He is pouring His love on you.
He just wants you to take off the rain coat.
Yes He is holy, but He willingly laid aside His majesty
to prove His love for you.
He is willing to help you in your unbelief
and He understands more deeply than words can go
So rest easy knowing that He loves you more than you know.
Frustrated that again you’ve walked away.
Lift your eyes…
I pray that your soul may find rest in God alone.