Easter in New York

As we are approaching Easter, I’ve been continuously thinking about life and new life and how because Jesus rose from the dead we also have life. It truly is amazing. I too often live as though I am dead. Sometimes I feel like I’m riding on a large conveyor belt and all along the sides of the belt belt are people shoving food in my mouth and telling me what to wear and who to be and truly I get frozen. It’s like I’m glued to the rat race. When all the time within me is a belief screaming that real life exists, that Christ died not so that I would be paralyzed by my own limitations and expectations, but that I would truly and with creativity live in and through Jesus. Dead to self but alive in Christ. Sometimes it’s just a little painful to crawl off the conveyor belt of this world – all alone – remembering that truly living the unique life of obedience to Jesus is what my soul craves and needs. He is so patient. This morning I was reading about the time that Jesus appeared to the disciples after He rose from the dead. He was gracious to show them the scars in His hands and His feet. He knows that we are mere people and I’m so thankful that He continues to prove His love in small ways. He has no obligation to prove anything to me and yet he does.

Right now I’m in New York on tour. I really like this area and have met some sweet people already. The sun is shining and compelling me to try out my new running shoes. Hmmm…

Oh by the way… I’m so excited! I’ll be picking up my CDs from Pensauken, NJ on April 10th. WOO HOO!! If you like, you may pre-order the album on my website. Also I will have a cd release concert at Calvary Bible Church in Neenah, WI on June 3rd and would love to touch base with you.

Much love,