Well, it is so cold up here in Wisconsin that cars don’t start, and boogers freeze, and coffee sales are at their all time high. I can’t complain; my car started, I don’t get boogers, and I love coffee. Actually right now I’m in a coffee shop. I drove to Peshtigo this morning to play for a group of ladies only to find that due to cold weather, the event was cancelled. Immediately the thought of my bed flashed into mind and my heart sank a bit at the missed possibility of sleeping in on a chilly morning. Very quickly after that thought I was reminded that God has a purpose for everything in life and I quietly told the Lord that I didn’t know why I was 2 hours from home for no reason but that I’d be on the lookout. A few moments later that pastor of the church jokingly asked if I would play for their staff meeting. I said sure. I’ll tell you… it truly was an incredible time. I think they were encouraged and I was as well. Hmm, I’m thankful.

On my drive to Peshtigo, I got to talk with some of my dearest friends. They lived in Columbia for years translating the bible into a tribal language. And ever since they moved back to the states they have been longing to return to people they love so much. For the past seven years that I’ve known them, they have prayed and wondered “why the wait?” All the while knowing that God would bring about His good plans in His good time. I just found out today that they are leaving tomorrow for a week long trip to help with some translation. This is incredible for them; they were some of the first people to put this tribe’s language on paper. So approximately 20 years later they are helping on the final translation of some of the first bible lessons.

Today I’m reminded that God can be trusted. He does have the best plans. He loves us the most and we much trust when life seems so uncertain.

Much love and grace to you today,