Catching Up

Good morning, friends; And an early one it is. I’m currently at my parent’s house in the U.P. of Michigan. Today I’ll be heading back to Wisconsin, back to the crazy and yet good music schedule. I realize that it as been quite some time since I’ve written and it would be foolish for me to believe that I might be able to fit even a fraction of the happenings in this one entry without it sounding like a list. So instead of fighting it, I’m giving in and documenting  in a somewhat structured format , the life I’ve been living.

#1 my car has been fixed- I’m driving my faithful Volvo wagon around with no remnants of any deer.(For the time being)

#2 I went on a month long tour out East. It was truly an adventure as I traveled through 12 different states. IN, OH, PA, NY, NH, NJ, CT, RI, ME…Hmm I’m not sure which ones I’m missing… Honestly , I loved the trip. I enjoyed meeting new friends, and seeing new sights and it was a blessing to have my friend and producer, Scott Troyer along for the ride. We thank God for His care and provision and are both excited to continue touring as opportunity comes along.

#3 Not long after the tour, we went into the recording studio once again with fresh ears and ideas and I’m pleased to say that the album is nearing completion. Thanks to Scott Troyer and Lynn Graber the songs are sounding more and more beautiful. The anticipation I have for you all to hear the finished product is somewhat like that of a little kid waiting for Christmas. I’m excited:)

#4 Christmas break with my family has been really good. Taking saunas in the back yard, hearing dad play the guitar,playing violent games of liverpool(it’s a card game), going bowling with my grandparents, (my one boast this Christmas is that I bowled a score of 170 -If you’ve ever bowled with me, you know this is a miracle. My second round was a bit more telling of my usual score at 50 points- Oh well ,at least the moment felt good) and last but not least it was a delight to be with my brothers and nieces and nephews;somewhat crazy at times but never lacking in energy and fun. These times always seem a bit too short. I guess it makes sense that I wouldn’t want to leave people I love.

In closing, i want to thank you for all of your support and love in this past year and I pray that this next year you may know the One who loves us, even a bit more.  In the next few months, I’ll be wrapping up an album, traveling to MN, IN, NY, FL, Australia, and a few other places I’m sure. If you think of it, I would appreciate your prayers.

Acts 21:32- Now I commit you to God and to the word of His grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

Much love to you,


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