Oh Deer

I’ve made a recent discovery concerning the large deer population in this great state of Wisconsin. Years ago I would have said that animals (especially deer and sheep) lack in the intelligence area. And yet my recent discoveries conflict with my previous assumptions. I have reasons to believe that deer are no longer in defense mode when it comes to hunting. Rather they have become offensive by actually attacking innocent drivers. Why me? I’m not sure. But a little over a month ago a deer decided to plunge into the road in front of of my car resulting in it’s brutal death. ( My car was quite injured as well, with thousands of dollars in damage)

I did get my car fixed and cleaned of all the deer remains just in time for deer # 2 to display it’s revenge on humanity. Currently my car is in the shop and I am waiting to hear if it has any hope of survival. Really I don’t have much more to say concerning this issue other to warn you all. Drive slowly around dusk, never swerve for a deer, and make sure you have deer insurance if you visit the state of Wisconsin.

Happy Hunting,