In Your Arms

Good morning dear friends. Once again I’ve made it home to Grandma’s house and so I am able to take a moment and fill you in with recent news.

Last week was a really great week for recording. Lynn Graber , my recording engineer from The Recording House, laid down some drum parts that really brought completion before moving on to the bass. Dan Wilton played some sweet and groovin bass lines. Once again, I can’t wait for you to hear the new songs!

Scott Troyer is producing my album and doing an amazing job. As the artist, I have an idea of what I would like but have a hard time knowing how to bring about the end goal. That’s where Scott comes in. I tell him all of my thoughts and ideas for the album and he is committed to accomplishing the end goal and striving for excellence throughout the process. I am so thankful. If it comes to mind, please pray that The Lord continues to bless this recording time and give us creativity, wisdom, and care with one another.

Last week we had a crazy moment while working on a song that our friend Nathan Hamlin wrote. We were planning on recording the drums and a basic guitar part and so we spent quite a bit of the day making sure we were ready. We figured out the format and even programed a piano loop to fit the song. Shortly after we finished working on the song, I got an email from Nathan that contained a much anticipated second verse. Scott and I were quite excited. And then Nathan mentioned that he had also written a bridge. This would have been better news if we would have gotten it a few hours earlier. We were planning on leaving for the recording studio in less than an hour and somehow needed to hear the new bridge, learn the new bridge and fit it into a new format. Oh my. One small difficulty; Nathan lives in Ireland. Scott and I made an executive decision that if we didn’t hear from Nathan before going out to the studio we would carry on with the original plan. Well, we did hear from him; in the car on the way. Nathan played and sang “In Your Arms” over the phone for us 5 times and we went into the studio and got it done!!! A bit crazy , but well worth it. (We think that this song may be a radio hit:)

Well, my mother is in town today and she has a bit of shopping to do, so I think I’ll head into town with her. Later on I have another story to tell you. I nearly got in trouble with the law last night… I know, You’re dying to know. Soon enough… soon enough.

Blessings to you,