Back From Guatemala

Good morning, dear friends. I am finally taking a moment from the business of life to jot down a bit of life. The past weeks have been truly rich with new experiences and relationships. The end of July was full of music opportunities and so it was an interesting puzzle trying to find the time to pack up my apartment and move in with my Grandma Flossie. ( I’m at her house right now enjoying an early morning cup of coffee. I’m typing and she’s working on a crossword puzzle . I like this alot!) In addition to packing for the move into Gram’s, I also was packing for a 9 day trip to Guatemala and a 4 day stay in Indiana for when we got back into the States. Goodness gracious! You should see my car. Not alot of room to spare.

Guatemala was amazing! You can check out some photos from the trip at

If you are free I would love to get together with you and tell you all of the stories but for now I’ll just share one.

One day our group went to Tzucubal, a village in the mountains. We gave out over a thousand pair of shoes; one pair at time, trying to find the best pair of shoes for each individual. I stayed outside of the building hanging out with the hundreds waiting in line. The little kids were adorable, the mountains breathtakingly gorgeous, and the moment, moving as I watched excited families and little kids with their new pair of shoes. One little girl in particular grabbed my heart. She had some sort of skin disease or infection on her face and arms.Her arms originally were covered up with dirty, old sweatshirt sleeves. My friend Chris and I pulled off the sleeves and rubbed ointment and lotion on her and then covered them with bandages. This little girl ended up bringing us a bag of bananas and standing near us for the rest of the day. I can’t even begin to tell you what it meant to me to be able to physically care for this little girl. At one point during the day I asked the Lord why I couldn’t just live with the Guatemalan people; I so loved the time. As I was bandaging the little girl, in my heart, God reminded me that he has called me to do the same thing for people’s souls. And so I did come home last Saturday night. I am excited about this season of my life and hoping that a future season may include the country of Guatemala.

On Sunday night, my good friend, Steve drove to Fort Wayne from Kansas City, Missouri. We spent all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the recording studio. It is incredible to watch an idea become reality. Steve did a phenomenal job on the drums. I can’t wait for you all to hear the new album. I’ll be heading back into the studio on Monday with my producer, Scott, my bass player, Dan, and recording engineer, Lynn. If you think about it, pray that God will give us wisdom, creativity and provision in this process.

Well, my Aunt Melissa is making breakfast and I need to finish getting ready for a concert today so, take a moment today to be refreshed and renewed by God’s love and life.

Much love,