Two Concerts

Hello dear friends.

Once again I apologize for the lack of communication in the past weeks.

Life has been busy. Music continues to come my way. I really am loving it.

Last night my brother Daniel and I headed went down to Chicago for a Sleeping At Last concert. Also on Tuesday I was in Indiana and saw my good friends’ Rudisill play a show. I’ve heard them many times but for some reason this concert in particular was the most inspiring for me. Both concerts made me extremely excited about purpose and excellence in music. Both bands write lyrics of hope and honesty that any person can relate with. And the beauty of the music … wow. I had to even close my eyes a few times…

I think we take life too lightly at times. The seemingly small circumstances in life can upset or transform more than visibly meets the eye. How sacred are so many occurrences that somehow get shuffled in with “The norm”. It truly is remarkable to me that God notices and appreciates the small details in life. I don’t think He wants us to stress over the little things,( because life is a greater picture than we could ever fathom) but to recognize that the seemingly insignificant are often times worth more than the “in your face flashy.”

May the wonder of life and God’s love never grow old or stale in your soul.

Grace to you,



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