There was once a day when I slept outside every available opportunity, and when my hiking boots were my dress shoes , and when my nickname was “Beef Cakes” because I could hoist heavy stuff with the boys.

I‘ll be honest , those days are over. My roommate just asked if I wanted to camp out on Wednesday. My initial thought was, ”But what about my cushy bed?” Somehow the thought of setting up a tent mere miles from my apartment seems like wasted effort. And I really love cush. Now ideally I would love to have my bed cushy with pillows and a big comforter located outside in 55-65 degree weather, with a guarantee for no bugs… That I would enjoy… A canopy of trees over me… with no birds (I would not wake up very cheery if a bird pooped on me) An end table with a cup of tea and fresh fruit and a good book would be a lovely finishing touch…. Hmmm … alright enough of my ideal camping. One last thing: it would be located either by a river or the ocean.

And on with heavy things… I find that I am quite capable, but I really don’t like to lift heavy things. For those of you who have seen my keyboard, I’m not complaining, instead I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone who has ever helped in the operation of moving that beast around. Thanks!

Oh hiking boots… If any one needs a pair size 9 in womens let me know. The truth of the matter is, I ordered my hiking boots online at an amazing discounted price from Sierra Trading Post. Well, after wearing them for a few hours I realized they were not as comfy as I had hoped. And yet being the enthusiastic outdoors girl that I was, I was too impatient to send them back and continued to wear them in hopes that they would “break in.” After a few years of trying and many blisters and bandaids I’m kind of thinkin’ that they just don’t fit correctly. They are good boots. So do call me if you want them.

As wimpy as I am becoming,( I don’t really care) my roommate Debbie is going in the opposite direction and turning into quite the granola despite being raised in upscale Chicago. She will be going on a wilderness adventure in 18 days. So we began training for her trip tonight. We filled my 2 huge backpacks with books and strapped them on out backs for a 2 hour backpacking trip. I was quite impressed. We each carried 30 pound packs for 5 and half miles. (ok Debbie’s pack was 35 pounds) I’ll be honest, pavement can hurt feet. But all in all it was good fun and we had some good laughs and chit-chat time.

Speaking of adventures, I’ll be joining a church in Indiana for a short trip to Guatemala at the end of July. I’m quite excited. If you want more info about the trip or want to help in anyway, send me an email and I’ll fill you in.

Finally, here’s a quick update of where I have been and what I have been doing in the past weeks–for you Corey!

My friends Scott and Dan from Fort wayne, IN and Sara and Rebecca from Ireland came for a 3 week visit. I had an incredible time with them.

  • Played music for Silver Birch Ranch’s family camp
  • Played music for a Lutheran Synod meeting
  • Played at Copper Rock Coffee
  • Went down to Indiana
  • Worked on some stuff for album 3 – woo hoo!!!
  • Took the Irish girls shopping
  • Played for a Franciscan girls retreat
  • Went to Cedar Point in Ohio
  • Got caught in the hugest rain storm ever
  • Saw Rudisill in concert
  • Saw Sleeping At Last in concert
  • Came home
  • Played at Borth United Methodist (where I saw my coolest cousin Corey who prompted the update)

Ok, I’m getting sleepy, so I’ll talk later. Would love to have coffee with you. Keep running to the One Who will never love you more or less than He loves you now.

Much love,