Walking On Your Knees

We come to this life
With many hope and delights
We are overwhelmed and overjoyed with life
As we experience so many “firsts” in life.
First time to lose a tooth and get money for it,
First time to ride a bike on our own
First time to play at the ocean instead of our sand box.

We marvel over the small and seemingly insignificant occurrences.

I remember one day I was watching a windmill; the mini , decorative type that you see in a garden. Thankfulness washed over me as I realized that God didn’t have to make wind with the ability to blow a wind mill. Be He did! And I even wondered if God had allowed the windmill to blow at that very moment so I could be in awe of Him.

When we first are struck by God’s love it seems so thick that nothing else matters.
We are constantly aware of His goodness and presence. He is our delight.

SO where does the wonder go through the years…

Jesus says we are to come to Him like a child..
He calls His church to return to their first love.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just forget that God cares.
He is Savior, Redeemer, Friend, and He longs for us to come to Him…
That He can deliver us.
So often we wallow in our own understanding- keeping Him at a distance… Not really sure why we keep Him at arms length…probably more than a few reasons…

All of that to say…

Keep walking on your knees.

One of my friends gave me that line of goodness this morning and it really has been refreshing to my soul to remember that I can be in a constant conversation with my heavenly Father. And there is no other way. I need Him.

Much love, katie

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