Wonderful Words of Life

My little brother Caleb is 7. He is becoming quite the little reader. He has tremendous aspirations of learning French and memorizing the entire bible as well as one day being able to do a jig and fiddle at the same time.

My Parents just gave him a bible for Easter. As he was holding the bible and looking at it he said, “Mom I think this is a pretty special book.” And then he was able to read the inscription that Mom and Dad wrote on the “On the Occasion of” line near the front of his new bible. It read “Just because we love you.” Caleb thought the bible was really special then.

This just reminded me of really how precious God’s words are. They are so full of life. There are believers in other countries who have mere pages or less of the bible and they treasure the portions that they do have, they memorize, they allow the words to take root in their hearts and minds and lives.

Oh that I would not take for granted the 6 bibles I have on my shelf- May I not speed read through the wonderful words of life.


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