When I was 12, I discovered that the man of my dreams hated country music. So from that point on I purposed in my heart to hate country music. Now I’ll admit, I could sing almost anything from Shania Twain, Martina McBride, Vince Gill, Brian White, Allison Krause, even Alan Jackson. I still love the songs “Maria”( was that Brooks and Dunn?) and “Sold” (Who did that One again?) My sisters and I even had a dance routine to “Any Man Of Mine” by Shania. – My dad cried from laughter every time we performed our routine.(Not in public- don’t worry) Even though I could sing and dance to any country song on the radio, I still continued to say it was all forced upon me.

Yesterday I was driving back home after spending Sunday in the U.P. of Michigan with my parents and little brothers. Last week I left my IPOD in Indiana at my friend’s house. SO that left me with a combination of silence and country music. And it dawned on me in one of the silent moments that I actually like a large majority of country music. Honestly I don’t love some of it. But I no longer will carry about a dishonest, prideful stance when it comes to country music. Because like it or not, this genre had the biggest influence on me musically speaking. And I just really like some of the “good” country music.