Much On My Mind

I have had much on my mind of late. I often have to jolt my mind out of a fog of thought that could weigh me down. Last week I received an email from some dear friends, a sweet wife an mother and wonderful lady died from cancer. Years ago I remember meeting with her on a regular basis. I remember crying with her. I remember getting excited about Jesus and His love and His word with her. I remember her honesty and grace. I remember when she gave me a stack of her poetry. I just looked in my “important file” and found some of it. Here is one of her poems that I love.

~Letting Go~
So I crawled before Him
Stretched out my arms
And laid it gently
In His lap, where
It glistened like diamonds
In the throne’s radiant light.
And though my fingers lingered
To caress it as they left,
I took my hands off
And brought my eyes to His.
They locked and I could go.
Knowing that He understood,
And cherished my dream too,
And in His care
It would be safe
Even if it’s hidden
And my aching hands are empty~

By Kayleen Merry

Today I was resting in my room and again feeling the weight of life and all of it’s sadness and struggle, when I was reminded that God wants me to surrender my thoughts, worries, concerns, over to Him.

I think this poem portrays both the struggle and the beauty for surrender well.

May we surrender everything that could weigh us down, to Him who loves us.

Oh how He loves you and me
Oh how He loves you and me
He gave His live
What more could He give
Oh how He loves you
Oh how He loves me
Oh how He loves you and me

Much love, katie


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