A Long Time

Hello Everyone.

I just noticed, that it has been quite some time since I”ve written anything in the journal. It really has been too long to try and tell you all that has consumed my days in the past month, but I wanted to catch up a bit. So here’s a quick overview.

After I got home from Mexico I headed straight to Tennessee, caught up with some friends from long ago, and met some new incredible people as well. On my way home I stopped in Indiana and spent a few days with my dear friends there. It is always a delight. Then I headed to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and was able to enjoy some sweet moments with my sister and brother in-law and new niece. I also stopped in at my parent’s house and caught up with my little brothers. This week I’ve been in Racine at a Conference for people who are in full time camping ministry across the state of Wisconsin. No where else do I find myself surrounded with such down to earth , outdoorsy folk. Really loved it!
As you can see I have been traveling a lot. God has been faithful to meet my every need. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness that God continues to allow me to run into such incredible and inspiring people. It’s good.

A few thoughts that have given my heart a swell …(as always ,quite random.)

I have some friends who were missionaries to a remote tribe in Venezuela. In this particular culture there was not a high respect or appreciation for Life. Murder, adultery, and sacrificing infants, were common practices within the tribe. Then, they were introduced to the God over all; The One who loves them and who came to this earth to tell them that He loves them. And it changed the culture. They began to understand that life is sacred. The mortality rate has dropped tremendously since they met Jesus. I was standing in a church service when these people came to my mind. And I was reminded that in the same way that God has restored life to this village, He can bring life to the church in the United States! I believe that what we hunger for is more of Jesus. For He is the One who turns a pile of bones into living, breathing people. – He has said, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full!”(John 10:10)

One more story…

I met a delightful lady from Bury, England, named, Muriel. She told me her highlight of the year 2005. Her family came all the way over from England and they enjoyed many good times of laughter and eating and games, etc. But she said that her highlight was when she and her brother were standing outside of a restaurant and he looked her in the face and said, “Muriel, I’ve enjoyed our times together and yet the reason I came over to America was to tell you that I love you. I just wanted you to know that.” Muriel was near tears as she was telling me her highlight. I was near tears because I was so glad for her and at the same time her story reminded me of someone who had come a very long way to tell me He loved me as well. Jesus. Incredible.

Well, may you know this God who went to great lengths to communicate His love for not only me, but you, and all of mankind.

Much love,


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