A Bit of Acapulco

Last night, Dave (the missionary guy down here) put a raft like row boat in the ocean for me to play in a bit. It was really quite exhilerating. I ,who used to be a life jacket nazi at a beach front, was probably a good mile or so away from shore , in the ocean, by myself, with no life jacket. I loved it! Rolling over the waves I kind of felt like I needed a volley ball freind named Wilson along for the ride. After rowing out a long distance(have I ever mentioned that if I was in an olympic sport, I’d like to be in rowing?-or snowboarding, but that is not the issue at hand) anyways, after rowing out a ways, I paused and loooked up at the sunset and blue sky and pretty clouds and mountains and scattered homes on the hills and sang “You Are The Water.”

I loved it so much that I went out again this morning for 2 hours. Only, this time, 15 minutes into the adventure I began to feel seasick. Moments later I tossed my cookies. Literally, I had had cookies for breakfast.Which may have been my 1st mistake. What was going to be a feflective , lifechanging morning ended up being some good time to get aquainted with the bottom of the raft. I must say I did get  a good amount of sunburn. 🙂

The rest of the afternoon I spent recovering in a hammock in the shade. Not too shabby of a place to feel crummy.

OH yeah, one more thing… last night after I got out of the boat, I swam in the ocean for awhile. Carefully trying to avoid being tossed and pounded by the waves. It’s a fun game: Which waves do you spring over and get splashed in the face with, and which  waves do you run toward and dive into? As I was doing this I was thinking about the line, “The glory of God is man fully alive!” To really enjoy all of Who He is and His glory and grace and goodness… No wonder He wants me to know Him. There are too many things that can compromise His ultimate glory and my joy and freedom. No wonder He warns so strongly against wickedness and greed adn lust and other things… He knows that they will ruin me. No wonder He wants me to rest in Him;so His glory is displayed instead of my pride…

Well, may you bask in all of His love and grace and glory as you seek to know Him more.

Much love,


p.s. For those of you who will get to see my little niece before I do please give her a cuddle and kiss and make sure you wash your hands first…:)


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