Rock Climbing

Hello Friends.

I hope all is well with all of you. I just got back from the grocery store. I love grocery shopping. Right now I’m going to make some delicious tuna salad. I bought some yummy raspberry balsamic vinaigrette. Not quite sure how I’m going to use it. Maybe I’ll try a bit of it in my tuna.

Life is interesting. Some parts are really difficult. Some days are so fun. Today, I am very thankful for the many friends who have sent notes of encouragement,or even just enjoyed food with me. I like living life with others.

As an update:
In the next weeks I’m going to be quite busy. I’m driving down to Indiana for a concert, and then flying to Mexico, (I’ll tell you more about these adventures in the near future) and then driving down to Tennessee for a few concerts… and on and on it continues. I would appreciate your prayers – that I would rely on Christ for my every breath. Sometimes I forget.

Lord, I pray that we as your people would care for one another in an extravagant way. In response to Your love for us and our love for YOU.

Much love, katie

P.S. My roommate, her boyfriend and I all went on a rock climb this past weekend.