A Good Weekend

It really was a good weekend.

On Friday,
My friend Holly and I drove down to Madison, where Holly laid down some violin tracks for Danen Kane’s new album.(It’s going to be a good one!) It was nice to be in a studio again. After recording we made a quick stop at “Urban Outfitters” and then enjoyed some delicious food at an Afghan restaurant called Kubals.

On Saturday,
My friend Naomi and I drove to Marquette, Michigan for my sister Emily’s car presentation. Emily earned a lovely Mercedes by working for a company called Arbonne International. Way to go Em!!! It was nice to see some good friends and my family.

On Sunday,
I got to go to my church!!! And… on Sunday evening, played music with some sweet people.

Now it’s Monday,
Time to work on sorting receipts and filling out tax forms. Woo hoo. Feel free to stop by and have a coffee break with me.

Much love,

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