A Day In The Life

What a day! Is it possible for every day to be this great? Katie said it is. Well I didn’t have to work today and I was looking to get away so I joined Katie on the road up to Silver Birch Ranch. I finally understand why SBR is like home to her.

Katie dropped me off, set me up in a cabin down by the lake. “Have fun!” she cheered as she jogged back up the hill to her car. I stood there a moment, watching the frozen lake – it didn’t do much. My toes were feeling a bit numb – it was 20 degrees colder up at camp! I sat down, opened my Bible and thus started my morning retreat with the Lord.

At noon I set off to the dining hall to meet Katie. I looked around… there she is: deep in conversation with who I assume to be one of her many favorite friends at camp. I sat near her and her friends joined me. The people Katie had learned from, been inspired by, grown close to, began to encourage and care for me during our short time together over lunch.

The reason we were at SBR was for Katie to speak to their students about music and evangelism. They have a one year Bible program. Katie completed the program. Most people do it in one year, hence the “one year Bible program.” Katie practically turned it into a four year degree! It must have just been hard for her to tear herself away from camp, away from these friends who had become so dear.

The students pile in, the class begins, and Katie attempts to put words to the passion and calling God has given her. Sometimes it is hard to follow those thoughts. How do you explain something so personal, so moving, so compelling? Why does Katie do music? Because she can’t not do it. Read that again: Katie can’t not do music. Believe me, she’s tried. She tried medical fields, missions, camping ministry. But God has given her music.

With hugs, prayers, and blessings we were on the road home again. We debriefed about our days, like we always do if we’re ever both together. We would have stayed at camp longer, but we’re having a party tonight – girls only. It’s actually to watch the Miss America Pageant, which was six days ago. Sshh! Don’t tell us who won, we taped the show. Hmm… coincidentally we spent quite some time in the car talking about how women often obsess over physical beauty: what to wear, makeup, who looks prettiest. And how then people judge each other based on their outward appearances, which isn’t good. And now we’re going to watch Miss America…

“Need anything from Kwik Trip?” Katie asks. Do I need anything?! Let me tell you. We went to Kwik Trip for breakfast and it was pretty amazing. I’ve been to plenty-a-gas station before, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Katie comes here often. In fact when we left Kwik Trip this morning Katie just stood there at the checkout counter like she wanted to spend the whole day there. I think the lady said “have a nice day” twice so Katie would get moving.

This afternoon stop at Kwik Trip we discovered more greatness to this restaurant. That’s right; I called the Kwik Trip gas station a restaurant. Go. Find out for yourself, it’s a nice place! I recommend the “Little Buddy.” It’s the small size fountain drink: 22 ounces of deliciousness and caffeine in a nifty plastic cup, and reusable! Refills only 69 cents. In fact the original price was only 79 cents when a 20 ounce bottle of the same soda would cost $1.29. Ok, I assume you get the picture – it’s a good deal. It almost made Katie get a soda and she doesn’t drink soda (although she always seems to have a sip of mine). Then we stood in front of the cookie section for at least 3 minutes debating: big freshly baked cookie, big cookie wrapped in saran wrap, or mini cookies in a bag… then the flavors! Oh the selection at our Kwik Trip! We picked a big chocolate chip cookie and a bag of mini white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. I’m sure you’re salivating at the thought. At checkout the total was $4.32 and we gave the lady $5.32, and then looked stunned when she gave us a dollar back. She even explained it to us – she could see the confusion on our faces. Katie said she’s been in a state of confusion all day. Sometimes these things happen.

On another note, Katie is very creative. The mini cookies were a little crunchier than we would have hoped. But, good thing for us, the defrost vent on her dashboard also works like a microwave, or an air freshener – both worked well. I tried one of the cookies after it was on the dash. Quite tasty. I hate to admit my stupidity, but here are the comments that followed:

ME: It’s really good. But I bet it’s unhealthy… think about what comes out of the vent?!

KATIE: Yeah, well… we’re breathing it in.

Duh… oops. We laughed hard. We do that a lot. It’s good to have friends to laugh with you about the stupid things you say and do.

Well, friends, I assume you can be my friends too, because Katie and I share like that. I hope you have great days like mine. I hope you have a great roommate like I do. Remember when you’re trying to decide what to do with your life: just do what you can’t not do. And if you’re ever in Bonduel (or looking for a good restaurant), stop by the Kwik Trip. Lastly, be creative. Use the dashboard in your car as a shelf, microwave, air freshener, and if you think of any other uses please let us know. Blessings on your road trips through life!

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